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African Brass Beads: Beads With a History!
By Ezine Articles expert/Marlon J Samuels

Copper and silver beads are quite popular but it is the African Brass Beads that actually command attention, they can make heads turn! You can use these in neckpieces or bracelets as a whole strand of beads or accompanied with a stone for splendid, unique piece of jewellery. What most people don't know is that these eye catching beads have a history behind them, apart from the fact that they are handcrafted jewellery that have been fashioned to treasure the antique art. These ornamental beads always have a story to tell.

Brass is extensively used in Savannah; this region is the centre of the trade route between 
west and North Africa. The tribes from the equatorial rain forest region have acquired their wealth from this kind of trade. The royals from Benin, in southern Nigeria are known to wear ornaments made of brass beads for special occasions. These intricately carved brass beads are held in high regard, so much so that even the king who is called Oba here, wears these brass ornamental pieces of jewellery. Here, these beads are created into beautiful pieces of jewellery by a method called bronze casting, also known as lost wax method. This process of bronze casting dates back as old as 13th century. Even the Ghana tribe is known to use these beads extensively using the lost wax method.

Religious beliefs are one of the major reasons why the inhabitants of Yoruba region use them in their jewellery. The Yoruba group believes in spirits, commonly known as Orishas. These African beads are believed to protect them from evil spirits.

Well, for the modern women, these traditional African spheres are absolutely irresistible, a style statement that could make your friends envy you. It's time to get your set of African brass beads!

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