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Ethnic Jewelry - Rage of This Season
By Ezine Articles expert Gary_Davies Gary Davies

Ethnic jewelry has become the hottest craze among youngsters these days. Raiding your mother's or grandmother's wardrobe is the best way to create a collection of some invaluable and priceless pieces that you can team up with just about any outfit. This season, a lot of fashion designers have also incorporated ethnic motifs and designs into their clothes to add a touch of nostalgia of the yester years.

The current trend is to add ethnic pieces like bangles, necklaces, rings and chokers to a modern outfit. Gone are the days when you would have worn an Indian choker with a sari or choli; the modern woman has gone adventurous and would team up such a piece with a long flowing gown in black or white so that the multi-colored gemstones in the neck piece would be highlighted.

It is true that accessories can make or break any outfit. Hence it is important to choose the right piece of accessory which will complement not just what you are wearing but also your personality. You could either go in for a complete ethnic look or try to achieve the bohemian look by incorporating various textures, colors and materials to spice up the evening.

If you are wearing a single colored garment which is simple in its cut and design, then the best way to perk up the outfit is by adding a bold neckpiece which can be inspired by Indian or African designs. Chunky beads, silver hoops, multi colored shells are all interesting motifs that can be used in your accessories for a night out. If you are wearing a dress that is created to have a rustic look using cotton or linen material, then it best to go for ethnic pieces like African or East Indian to complete the look.

The best way to pick up pieces of ethnic jewellery is while travelling to exotic locales. Every region has its own collection of ethnic accessories which can be bought at local flea markets. These are inexpensive and also a great way to create a dramatic look for a party or a function. Tribal art has created a massive influence on the designs on various ethnic accessories making them bigger, brighter and more colorful.

Another influence, especially from the Asian regions, has been the use of colored gem stones like onyx, amethyst and lapis lazuli in the ethnic pieces. The stones can be cut into any shape and size; in fact the best ones are those which are asymmetrical as these add an element of mystery to the piece. Chunky bracelets are another hot favorite of the season; these can be teamed with the most boring of outfits to spice it up with a modern twist.

To create a bohemian look, wear a chunky neckpiece or wear many layers of silver or gold colored chains. Wear multiple colored bangles with casual blue denims and a white top to add an element of sparkle to the whole outfit. Ethnic jewelry is very versatile and can be worn to create different kinds of look this season. So start rummaging in your mother's wardrobe and pick up those priceless pieces to step out in style.