Marie was born and raised in Kunduma Village, Kissi Kama Chiefdom, Kailahun District. She later re-locate to her Aunty in the City to continue with her higher Education as a teenager. During her senior secondary school level in Freetown, she engaged herself in making SLIPPERS and SANDALS with beads without the support of anyone. She has being in to making these products for quite a long time, and has much experience in customizing all kinds of design especially SLIPPERS and SANDALS for women. With this business, she has being able to sponsor herself academically, and also solving her personal needs as a teenager. She has also being so supportive to her Aunty in handling other activities within the home through her little earnings. 

However, she enjoyed doing this to support herself academically, and also teaching other young girls how to design SLIPPER and SANDALS with beads. Presently, she applied at National School of Nursing to further her education in Nursing.