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Diamond Level Membership

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    We will buy a house in Georgia fix it up and resales it and use the profits for commissions for out members. Below is an idea of the profit margins, cost and constructions cost of a project. (You will have to do some work to take full advantage of commissions, no work no commissions, lots of work lots of commsions, with some of our guest suites once they are up and running its residual and the work is limited. Please know that you cannot be successful with this program or any program without sweat equity please follow the program below and enjoy the Ufumbuzi Lifestyle.


    1. We will open Guest Suites in Liberia and Ethiopia. This program we encourage members to join us on the trip. Plan to stay and work of the guest suite project while you enjoy a mini tour of the country you choose.
    2. You can learn first hand at a US tradeshow how to procure wholesale customers.


    • If you have an existing store front or office you can use it as an Ufumbuzi trade center, you will receive existing accounts, we can promote your products in the Ufumbuzi system retail or wholesale. We pay you and you ship sales from your store to the client.
    • If you are a supplier in Africa you can open an office or use your existing office as an Ufumbuzi trade center to export products to supply wholesale and retail.
    • You can travel and assist training staffs in the US or an African country.
    • You can facilitate the Tradeshow in your region or travel and facilitate tradeshows in the US and abroad.
    • If you have been a member in previous years we will back date your dues for this program. We will ad the total amount and count it towards the Master Class membership.


    • $15,000 3-year membership will give you commissions on projects for 24 months. All expenses paid to US tradeshow includes hotel, food and airfare. You can stay in a guest suites in Ethiopia, Ghana or Liberia and work and learn International trade for 12 months which includes food & utilities. You will be able to work and learn from our offices in the country you choose.

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    UK 10 US 6 36 28.5 38 33 63
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    UK 14 US 10 40 34.5 42 33 63
    UK 16 US 12 42 34.5 44 33 63
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