OUR NEW PROGRAM Africa 2025:

Ufumbuzi is a for profit International Trade and Tour Company, specializing in the import & export of merchandise from around the world and dynamic tour and work abroad programs. We build trade programs and assist businesses in our focus regions streamline their distribution of African products. We have an experienced Team/Business with a large customer base in the U.S. We also facilitate the most amazing tours and study abroad programs to South Africa, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Ethiopia.

We specialize in Home furnishings, Office furniture, Hand Crafted products, Agriculture, Seafood, Beer, and Baskets & Musical instruments from Africa, Indonesia, and South America.

We’re passionate and focused on our primary school renovation program and in preserving the creative talents of artists and artisans, re-establishing trade routes, encouraging fair trade, and promoting a responsible corporate culture. Our mission is to teach African Americans International Trade and to connect them with the Mother Land with a sustainable business model. We assist wholesalers and storefronts run their business faster, simpler and more efficient by providing a single source for unique, hard to find products from around the world.

We designed Ufumbuzi to get Africans and the Diaspora involved with International Trade/Import Export, Tourism with Africa, Small business creation, Unify as Global Africans, and to generally uplift our communities.

The Master Class members will watch an learn while we continue simplifying communication between buyers in the U.S. to sellers from Africa. We will address the challenges such as language barriers, currency conversion, conflicting tracking systems, lack of real-time communication, and product sourcing. Providing solutions allows businesses to address these issues and increase their profitability.