Humanitarian Programs


Saving Our Children"One School At A Time"

"One School At A Time Program" -Primary School Renovation
2000 TraderBug installs twelve toilets, along with hand sinks in Twedaase Primary School in Tema, Ghana. We donated a computer and office desk to Ethiopian Orphanage on Nile River. TraderBug purchase a 20ft container of goods, paid cash at fair trade price. This container employs over 300 people in Ghana.
2002 TraderBug delivers supplies and pen pal letters to Tema Christian Center School in Ghana. We also began repairs on classrooms and new desk at Twedaase Primary School in Tema, Ghana. TraderBug ships a 20ft and a 40ft container of goods, paid cash at fair trade price. TraderBug ships two shipments of goods from Solo Indonesia, a 20ft container and a shipment of furniture samples. This employs several 100 Indonesian people. We also donated several goats to an Indonesian Village to breed for sustainability. This container employs over 400 people in Ghana. TraderBug visits Bahir Dar in Ethiopia and assist in the documenting of Orphans Children name and health condition. TraderBug delivers more money and supplies to Orphan Children in Bahir Dar Ethiopia and opens office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
2003 April of 2003 TraderBug provides and Study Abroad Tour for 8 Garfield High School Students 2 instructors and 2 parents. Nu Black Arts West Theatre assisted us with the project. Nu Black Arts West Theatre hosted a joint workshop at The National Theatre of Ghana. TraderBug assist Environmental group with a fact finding trip to Ethiopia. They collect information on the land set aside for the Orphanage. Together we provided Twedaase Primary School with school supplies, Computers and money to continue school renovations. October of 2003 TraderBug visits Ghana with Malcom Supreme of Starchild Investments, and they provide more cash donations and supplies to Twedaase Primary School. TraderBug ships a 20ft container pay some cash and given credit on a 20ft container.
2004 TraderBug works with clothing designer by taking her to Ghana West Africa to design some of her clothing lines. The designer donates some school supplies and TraderBug donates some financial assistance towards the Twedaase primary School Computer Room Library. 
2005 Global Trading/ TraderBug works with University of Minneapolis African Students against Aids to donate $1,500 to The Blue Nile Children’s Organization. TraderBug works with Village Volunteers and Village Volunteers Visits Ghana and donates money and supplies to Twedaase Primary School, a village in Cape Coast Region and Bamboi village in the Volta region in Ghana
200602008 Etradingnetwork continues to build relationships with U.S. clients at Gift shows in the Midwest and West Coast. 
E Trading Network plans to build new primary schools and renovate existing primary schools in new and existing communities as a key piece of the puzzle for long-term sustainability.
African children are the future of the continent. Their education is a key factor to future economic growth and lasting democracy, leading to greater stability and improved standards of living. The current state of education in Africa, however, is plagued by a lack of funds, teachers, textbooks, and transparency.
Click to View Products. Below are pictures of our humanitarian efforts in Africa and Asian and some of our great clients and shows over the years and a few of our former stores including Imports & Things that was located in the Auburn Super mall Washington State U.S.A. 
The videos on the top and on the bottom show the different ages of school children what they can become with little effort while you take a vacation in an amazing country. Just by sending supplies and equipment to existing primary and secondary schools.