Through I educate entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and small businesses on how to raise community capital using seed and investment crowdfunding. I have managed dozens of successful crowdfunding campaigns globally and in 2014 INC. Magazine named me a top 19 global crowdfunding expert. I am a sought-after global speaker and blogger about investment crowdfunding and digital marketing. I am a crowdfunding content consultant for CrowdfundBetter a crowdfunding industry-leading educational platform. 

I am a board member for The National Coalition for Community Capital (NC3) where I chair The Programming Committee and I have done a 5-part webinar series on crowdfunding and digital marketing. I have also worked at BBNOMICS and Buy the Block as a content consultant where he created blog and webinar content for these Black-owned crowdfunding platforms. My goal is to make the Ufumbuzi brand a premier global business and crowd investing website that brings Africans and the Diaspora together as a single global business entity.

The goal of the core business training program will be to introduce each member to business planning, digital marketing, and capital raising through crowd investment. This core business training program provides an in-depth immersion into how to start a business and in collaboration with the Ufumbuzi Masterclass will provide the training and hands-on application of these core business principles by allowing members the opportunity to create their own E-commerce business. The development of these collaborating business programs is to create a culture of business development and crowd investment in African-American communities by selling African produced goods.

If you want to join this global movement please click on the links below and take the two surveys and leave your name, phone number, and email address.

Ufumbuzi The Solution Business Training Program

Ufumbuzi The Solution Group International Trade Survey