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YEEP is proudly offering Humanitarian Leisure Tours and Study Abroad 
Service Gearing programs! Create a difference by enjoying the sites and beaches while assisting with primary school renovation or village assistance programs during your trip. Our prices are not including airfare.
Africa is increasingly becoming an attractive proposition to the tourist, study abroad programs and investors in the tourism industry, alike. It allows the participants to have an experience of adventure and discovery, but not at the expense of security and comfort. The peaceful political stability of several of our target countries offers sophisticated physical and telecommunications infrastructure, excellent medical facilities, and high standard accommodation establishments. The healthy climate, contrasting landscapes, an untouched wilderness and diverse cultures are some of the main attractions. Africa is blessed with extensive tracts of wilderness and a rich diversity of scenery, ranging from the endless sand, sea and escapes in the African desert and its pristine Skeleton Coast, over the rolling bush filled hills of the highlands and canyons, to the lush, semi-tropical forests.
Varieties of game include several antelope species, and large mammals such as elephant, rhino, giraffe and lion. Africa also has the largest cheetah population in the world. Large seal colonies and healthy populations of sea life complement interesting bird and rare plant species, numerous of which are endemic. Africa has an unlimited supply of parks and reserves, and the largest nature conservation areas in the world. The African continent is becoming a destination for regional package tours comprising the highlights of each of the countries.

Volunteer In Ghana, Ethiopia or Kenya..
In these programs participants can join us in Africa, assisting with the renovation of primary schools in rural and or impoverish areas. We have been working on our One School at a time program renovating primary schools from the ground up. Students, tourist and interns can help by bringing supplies, participating in class room activities, developing a program, grant writing, web site building, and many other areas. They will also have plenty of time to tour the country and enjoy the sights and people.It will cost you the airfare which is usually from $900 to $1,600 and average cost per day is $30 per day to eat and live.
If you would like updates on our volunteer programs just click the link below and join our facebook Akaaba Village and we will give you monthly updates:
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It is our travel agent Scott Thomas. Scott finds us the best itineraries and connecting flights, at the right price.
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