Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit 4 in 1 Clip-on Camera Lens Mobile Phone Lens Polarizer 198 ° Fish Eyes 0.63x Wide-Angle Lens + Macro Rotation Switch Universal Lens

Colour: Gold
$ 13.98



4 in 1 design : Super wide 0.63X wide angle lens+15X macro lens, with the 198° fish eye lens, and a CPL LENS, broaden a wider vision, perfect for taking pictures of larger ranges, especially ideal for group shots , which can hold a large group of people in one photograph perfectly, no dark corners.

Fisheye lens allows you to see the range of 180 °, 198 ° visual imaging, will present the scene of parallel world, so you in a limited distance, photographed all the pictures, more lively and interesting.

CPL polarized lens, used to exclude and filter out the scattered light in the beam, so that the field of vision clear and natural. Increases the color saturation of the subject.

15× macro lens need to wide angle lens of the upper half unscrewed , can be 12 mm close shooting, like a magnifying glass.

0.63 × wide-angle lens, you can see the range of 120 °, 40% larger than the original mobile phone to see the range.

Ultra-hard transparent lanthanum glass layer, both to protect the lens, but also improve the quality.

Suitable for most smartphone, iPad, tablet with diameter of camera is smaller or equal to 16mm.

Soft rubber clip is easy to adjust and won't leave any scratches or marks on your mobile device.


Note: Wide angle lens and macro lens are screwed together, to use macro lens, you need to separate the two lens by unscrewing.




Type: 4 in 1 Clip-on Camera Lens

Material: ABS,aluminum alloy

Quantity: 1 set

Item Color: Golden, White

Wide Angle Lens: Magnification: 0.63X

Macro Lens: Magnification: 15X

Fisheye Lens: Angle: 198°

Lens Size (D*H)

Wide Angle Lens (Macro Lens): 25*13mm / 0.98*0.5"

CPL LENS: 23*5mm / 0.9*0.2"

Fisheye Lens: 25*8mm / 0.98*0.3"

Body Case: 8.2*6.5*3.2cm/3.2*2.6*1.3(L*W*H)

Net Weight: 58g / 2.1oz


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