Dried African Bitter Leaves for Tea, Soup or Juice for weight loss (500g)

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Bitter Leaves is one out of the seven most powerful African herbs against terminal illnesses. This has been scientifically proven in world class laboratories which solves the mystery why Nigerians within the 90 year old bracket has its tea as their favorites! Bear in mind though that the tea is as the name suggests - bitter! Listed here for you is the FRESH unprocessed leaves! Well, before the scientific analysis mentioned above, for thousands of years, the leaves are often crushed, soaked in water and the juice is squeezed out and extracted and used as a great medicinal herb to cure all sorts of illnesses including the following: 1 Increased metabolism- This is particularly good for anyone who wants to lose weight. 2 Relieves fever and feverish conditions- Just drink the juice gotten from squeezing the leaves three times daily. 3 Reduces the blood-sugar level- Making it very good for diabetic patients. 4 Cures skin rashes, eczema, ring worms- Due to its antibiotic and antifungal properties, it can cure skin ailments. 5 Cures pile. 6 Detoxifies the body. 7 Increases breast milk production in nursing mothers. 8 Cures mild stomach ailments. 9 Acts as a worm expeller. 10 Finally, the juice made out of bitter leaves can be helpful for weight loss.

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