Nino Percussion NINO502 5" Kids Small Natural Wood Claves, Pair (VIDEO)

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  • SMALL WOOD CLAVES, SOLD IN PAIRS: The Nino Percussion handheld wooden claves are an outstanding percussion instrument with their cutting, resonant tones and ease of use. These claves are an essential percussion instrument in any classroom band setting.
  • EASY TO PLAY: Hold the clave in the palm of your hand and strike it with the other to produce the sound. They require no musical background to be able to play, making them perfect for young children. Each clave measures 5” long to hold comfortably while using. The recommended age for these instruments is 3 & up.
  • OUTSTANDING SOUND, GREAT LEARNING TOOL: Standard native Clave rhythms are perfect for children to learn the essentials of counting in musical phrases. They also help children understand rhythmic foundation and pattern recognition/memorization within a musical context.
  • BLEND WELL WITH OTHER INSTRUMENTS: Claves may be used in small group collaboration with other percussion instruments like bongos, congas, djembes, or congas, as well as any other wind or stringed instrument.
  • OFFICIAL TWO YEAR WARRANTY: Nino Percussion instruments carry a two-year manufacturer's warranty when purchased from authorized retailers.

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